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Specialties for Medical Students to Consider

Here is the list of potential career paths or specialties that medical students can think about before applying for residency. 

Anesthesiology- specializes in administering medications and other agents to prevent or relieve pain during surgery.

Child Neurology- specializes in brain disorders in children.

Dermatology- concerns with diagnosing and treating skin disorders.

Emergency Medicine- cares for patients with acute illnesses or injuries that require immediate medical attention.

Family Medicine- consists ofprimary care physicians.

Internal Medicine- deals with nonsurgical illnesses of internal organs for mostly adults. It also has many subspecialties such as cardiology, gastroenterology, oncology, etc.

Medical Genetics- diagnoses and manages hereditary disorders. 

Neurodevelopmental Disabilities- specializes in those with neurodevelopmental disabilities.

Neurological Surgery- involves brain surgeries.

Neurology- specializes in brain disorders.

Nuclear Medicine- utilizes radioactive substances to diagnose and treat diseases.

Obstetrics-Gynecology- consists of experts for pregnancy and women’s health.

Ophthalmology- expertises in eye disorders.

Orthopedic Surgery- is a branch of surgery related to musculoskeletal systems.

Otolaryngology- relates to diagnosis and treatment of ear and throat.

Pathology- deals with lab examination of body tissue samples for diagnostic or forensic purposes.

Pediatrics- specializes in illnesses in children.

Pediatrics/Child Psychiatry- involves mental health of kids.

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation- aims to improve or restore the functions of physical disabilities.

Plastic Surgery- concerns alterations, corrections, and restorations of form and functions. 

Preventative Medicine- emphasizes on preventing a disease rather than treating patients’ symptoms. 

Psychiatry- specializes in mental health of adults.

Radiation Oncology- relates to treatment of cancer using radiation therapy.

Radiology- Diagnostic- uses various imaging tools to diagnose diseases.

Surgery- deals with operations and instrumental techniques on patients to investigate or treat pathological conditions. It has many subspecialties.

Thoracic Surgery- focuses on operations of the heart, lungs, esophagus and other organs in the chest. 

Urology- concerns urinary tracts disorders.

Vascular Surgery- is a branch of surgery regarding operations of arteries and veins.

Feel free to add more specialties you can think of to the list.

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