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Tips for Medical Students to Save Money

1. Student Perks- Just about every program, school, or organization has student perks that you can score. Some conferences and resources are free just because you’re in a medical school, like medical journals or various website memberships. To find out more offers, you should ask your peers or listen/read school’s announcements. 

2. Sign up for your favorite store card membership- Do you find yourself going to one or two particular stores often? It is good to sign up for the store’s membership. You can get rewards for spending money, receive cash back, gain discounts, and improve your credit scores. 

3. Hunt for local deals- Many businesses around your school knows that their potential customers are mostly going to be students. They will try to attract more attentions by giving you discounts. Have your student ID at all times! Groupon or Slickdeals work too. Don’t forget to look at the local’s or school’s newsletters. 

4. Go to medical conferences- There will be freebies flying everywhere at the medical conventions and conferences. It’s a great way to find out about the latest technology going in the medical world and to meet new people. And I bet you can get in for free or inexpensively for being a medical student.

5. Eat at home- The less you eat out, the more you save. Buy in bulk will always be cheaper than buying one at a time. 

6. Textbooks 2.0- Nowadays you can get the books online, check them out from the school’s library, or download applications right into your phone. Sometimes, you don’t even need to buy it since the schools provide them for you. If you must get books, get them used or from upperclassmen who had taken the course. If you want to invest, I suggest getting review books like the BRS series and/or First Aid. Ebay and Amazon still have the best deals.

7. You don’t need expensive supplies for clinical portion- Yes, Littmann stethoscopes are great. Getting the Lightweight or the Classic ones are sufficient enough for us to learn what we need. Once you graduate, you can get more expensive and higher quality of stethoscopes like Master Cardiology. Getting used ones aren’t so bad either. Students don’t even get the otoscopes anymore because its unnecessary (class/hospital usually have ones you can use) and expensive.

8. Visit thrift shops- You will definitely risk getting bodily fluids on your clothes even when you have your white coat on. You can find great selection for fraction of the prices you would pay in stores. Burlington, Walmart, or even Target will have cheap clothes too. And they can look real good. You don’t need to dress to impress (unless you’re going for interviews). Just need to look neat and professional. You know what, you’ll probably end up in scrubs most of the times anyway. 

9. Barter- How about you buy me lunch and I’ll tutor you in Biochemistry? 

10. Know your budget like the back of your hands- Be careful especially if you have debts or low credit score. Create weekly or monthly budget that you know you can live by and stick with it. Always pay off you credit card or loans if you can afford to do so. Free websites like CreditSesame to help you keep track of your credit scores and budgets. 

What are some of the tips you have for saving money?

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    Going to really need this come september… Goodbye salary, hello life…
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  6. hrbdman answered: thank you for these advices…
  7. lavenderybergamot answered: I second visiting thrift shops. Not only is it cheap but you’ll likely come away with items that no one else will have!
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    Quite important. Every dollar you spend in med school is, like, a bajillion dollars you have to pay back in loans!
  10. raghs answered: In Asia too there are so many such offers sponsored by frontline pharma companies to woo the medical students.
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  12. quickmedical answered: And don’t forget to get your suplies from TRUSTED online dealers!